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Launch Challenge Week 4

Tomorrow (Sept 30,) we are exactly 2 months out from the official City Farming publication date. Woo-Hoo!

Since we launched the launch,  you have been instrumental in building the City Farming audience.  If we think of the audience as a garden, we have been planting seeds.  Thanks to all of you, thousands of people have seen our Facebook posts, Twitter tweets and Pinterest pins.

As a result, the City Farming audience has grown.

For example, here are some stats from my Facebook pages.  This month, followers increased 44% and page views are up a whopping 262%.

Like a gardener, I am ecstatic that the seeds are growing, and am committed to nurturing the growth.

This commitment is FIRST to YOU, as valuable members of an incredible team.  Many of you are urban farmers and gardeners.  And so, this is my MISSION for OCTOBER:

To provide you with highly valuable resources that you can use and that you can naturally share with others to help them become the urban farmers and gardeners that they want to be.

I took a look at your queries and topic suggestions.  I also searched farm & garden groups on Facebook to discover the most commonly asked questions. Then, I matched the questions with links to resources to solve them.  The City Farming Guide below shows both the questions and the resource links.

Week 4 Challenge:

1.  Download the guide (or view it online.)  Familiarize yourself with the content by clicking a few of the links.

2.  Share any of the links that are of interest to you.  You can pin them, post them or tweet them using the hashtag #cityfarming and #micro_farm.  Include a personal blurb about how the link is helpful or what you like about it.

3.  If you follow a garden group on Facebook, look for some of these questions to come up in the feed.  When they do, you can share these resources by replying to the questions with something like this: "Here is a helpful article/tip sheet/blog post by Kari Spencer that you may find helpful."  Then post the link.

4.  If you are a blogger, re-blog any of my content, providing a link back to the article or resource.  Then, let me know so I can share your blog post on my channels.

Thank you, once again, for your support!

If you have any questions about the book or the launch, please email me at and I'll get back with you. There might be a slight delay as I am out of the office more than I am in the office lately.  I promise that you are important and I will get back to you.