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Launch Challenge Week 3

From planting to plating - the secrets to  #cityfarming  are here

From planting to plating - the secrets to #cityfarming are here

Worth the wait!  Here are the Week 3 challenges.  You all were fabulous last week.  Thanks for sharing posts and for giving me lots of feedback/suggestions in the FB group.

During Week 3, please share this image on your social media accounts.  You can save and share the image with your own text, or use the entry form below.

There are more entry types this week.  I added a Tweet about The Great American Seed Up where I will have a booth for City Farming.  

If anyone wants to come out and help man the booth, I would appreciate the assistance!  And you would  be able to attend the event for free.  Dates and details are at

Giveaway Tool entries include the following:

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  • Pin a page from to Pinterest (I want to start familiarizing people with the website, which is full of helpful articles.)
  • Tweet a message with the image embedded.
  • Tweet a message about The Great American Seed Up, where I will have a City Farming booth.
  • Post on the City Farming Bulletin Board.   You can ask a farm/garden question, post an event, brag about your own garden/farm or related business, or share a garden tip. 
  • Share images posted on the Epic City Farming Book Launch Team page to your own Facebook page or group. (I made the group public to facilitate easy Facebook sharing)
  • Share Garden Now!  4 Ways to Start Growing Food Today E-book on Twitter
  • Or create your own way to share!

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