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Each week of the launch, items will be posted below that you can share on social media.  

We will use a contest entry form to make it easy for you to spread the word.  The form makes it appear that entries earn points.  Don't worry about collecting points!  Everyone who participates at least once a week will get a free copy of City Farming as my thanks to you!  Using the form simply lets me keep track of participation.

By the way, if you prefer to create your own posts instead of using the entry form, feel free to do so!  The last entry on the form is 'Create Your Own Share.'  Click on it to earn credit for participating.

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Launch Challenge Week 2

You all were amazing during Launch the Launch Week 1.  I so appreciate all of your shares, interactions, comments and suggestions.  They mean a lot to me!

During Week 2, please share this image on your social media accounts.  You can save and share the image with your own text, or use the entry form below.

Entries include the following:

  • Pin the image on Pinterest (using the Giveaway Tool)
  • Tweet a message with the image embedded
  • Post on the City Farming Bulletin Board.   You can ask a farm/garden question, post an event, brag about your own garden/farm or related business, or share a garden tip.
  • Share images posted on the Epic City Farming Book Launch Team page to your own Facebook page or group. (I made the group public to facilitate easy Facebook sharing)
  • Share the Quick & Easy Compost E-book on Twitter
  • Or create your own way to share!

Use the Giveaway Tool below to share.

I removed the blue share icons.  Last week these did not work well.  If you want to share the image directly from a webpage, it appears on