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Launch Challenge Week 9


This rodeo is getting off to a good start!

No confirmation yet that City Farming print books have been released.  That bronc is still in the chute. 


In more exciting news, we have gotten the cowboy nod for the Kindle version.  It's out of the gate and the clock is ticking to post early reviews.

Since you have an Advance Reviewer Copy (ARC) of the book, you can leave a review at

If you did not get your ARC, see Launch Challenge Week 7.

To post a review, go to the City Farming Kindle webpage.  Scroll down below the biography section.  Click on 'Write a customer review.' 

Leave an honest review.  A few sentences will do.  Or go toes out and write a couple of paragraphs.


What else can you do?  Share the Kindle version on social media.

Look below the book image to find the sharing icons. 

You can email, post to Facebook, Tweet, Pin or embed a link on a webpage.

There has been a steady increase in the number of people who are viewing and re-sharing your posts. Woot!  And that's just the ones that I can see.  If there isn't a link directly back to me, I don't see them.  But I know that they are out there in social-media-land, pushing us up the leaderboard.

BIG APPLAUSE TO YOU!  CITY FARMING is making a good showing in search results on Amazon, and it's not even in print yet.


If you want to see how the Kindle version looks on your device, download a sample. 

If you really want to boot the bull, you can buy the digital version for yourself or as a gift for a friend.  Christmas is coming!

I'll keep you posted on the release of the print version.  Any day now...

I may be floating with all these rodeo terms. Hopefully I have stayed on the horse long enough to get us to the next go round.  

Thanks for muggin' for me, team!  Yes, this IS my first rodeo, and I appreciate your support.

Here's the re-ride:

  • Go to and leave a review.
  • Share the Kindle version via email, social media and web pages.
  • Download a preview copy for your device (or get the full version.)


P.S. - If you are wondering about the rodeo terms, here's a translation: