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Launch Challenge Week 5

Are you  #hungry  for change and to get back in touch with  #nature ? Start with your  #food !   #cityfarming

Are you #hungry for change and to get back in touch with #nature? Start with your #food #cityfarming

Hello, Outstanding Team!

The photo to the left is the image of the week to share.  Thanks and more thanks!  Woot!

I have had a stellar week.  First, I FINALLY got a handle on how to edit video.  This was an ongoing frustration.  Editing software is overwhelming to me, and so is the cost to have someone else edit for me. A few days ago, I tested Adobe Premiere Pro, and voila!  I created a decent video. 

It is posted HERE.  Please Pin and share the page.

Second, traction for our marketing efforts is taking hold.  Buzz is definitely building.  Example:  yesterday my publicist and I were contacted by Green Living Magazine by a writer who heard about City Farming and wants an interview.

Third, I was invited to read from City Farming at the Books Take You Higher Gala next weekend.

Am I excited? You bet.
Am I scared? Terrified actually.

Let me share something with ya…

I’m scared because it’s one thing to be working on things behind the curtain like a mad scientist and it’s another to show your new brainchild to the world and wonder if they’ll like it or not.

Change is all around us and whether we realize it or not, we see it everyday in life and business.

Heck, just a little more than a decade ago I was an Ebay Powerseller.  Ironically, I had chosen to be a stay-at-home mom so I could nurture my precious children, only to feed them a diet of fast food and television so that I could work on a computer for hours a day.

Fast forward to today...

I'm launching a book into the world that tells our transformation story from fast-food addicted cave dwellers to home-grown food fanatics AND that will teach others how to reach their own urban farming potential. 

PLUS, I am about to launch videos, including live steams.  Video adds a whole new layer of vulnerability, but I am determined to do it because I believe it is the BEST way to help others to achieve success.

Today, I embrace the fear of change and excitement of showing up to help others build their urban farms in a new way.

Thank you for joining me on this journey and being so supportive!  You guys give me courage.


PS: You may have noticed that my post is a little bit dramatic.  I am working on creating more engaging content. Thanks for letting me practice my writing skills on you.