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Launch Challenge Week 8

Greetings, Launchers!

I have been remiss.  This post is coming late...or early, depending upon your perspective.  

Building a Wicking Bed with the Grow PHX PDC Students

Building a Wicking Bed with the Grow PHX PDC Students

Last week, I missed the end-of-week post that I usually write.  Here's why-

Within the last 10 days, I have spoken at a Home & Garden Show, taught 2 full days at the Grow PHX Permaculture Design Course, collated photos and footage from a wicking bed project, bought a chicken coop, collaborated with two experts to create classes on bee keeping and marketing for farmers, toured Flower Street Urban Gardens,  removed rocks from a patch of ground where I want to plant peas, picked up a bushel of apples, taught at the Arizona State Fair, and prepared two videos from footage taken at St. Vincent de Paul Urban Farm.

You can view the videos of my interviews with Tony Kasowski at the SVDP Urban Farm below. 

Please PIN and SHARE the videos.  Tony is one of the Featured Farmers in City Farming and the videos point back to

If you haven't gotten your reviewer copy of City Farming, see the Week 8 Challenge.

My daughter Emily filming Tony who is feeding Talapia in the aquaponic system

My daughter Emily filming Tony who is feeding Talapia in the aquaponic system

Behind-the-scenes, these videos were difficult to edit. 

The raw footage and audio files were taken in 2015, when I was new to video interviews.  I used a Go Pro camera without an external mic, so there is a lot of extraneous noise.  My husband and daughter did a lot of the filming.

I visited the farm in the summer, which is a down time for gardens in Phoenix.  It was extremely HOT and the farm was a bit bare.

Finally, once I had the footage, I was occupied by writing the book.  And I didn't have a good way to edit the files.  Long story short, I just completed the project.  Tony must be thinking, "About Time!"

Greg Peterson and I are hosting this year's GrowPHX Permaculture Design Course at the SVDP Urban Farm, which is very exciting!  I am taking updated video and will post an update soon (I promise not to take two years to get to it.)

Before I delete the raw audio file, I want to share it with you (in case you want to hear it all, including the boring parts!)  Near the end, Tony and I discuss some administrative stuff.  I forgot to turn off the recorder...Doh!

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My deepest gratitude to you all for your kind encouragement, helpful input and generous sharing.  I am so thankful for you.