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Publication Day Has Arrived!

Hi - Happy Wednesday! 

How’s your week going? What are you getting up to? 

Lewis and I got a chicken coop delivered in a big box three weeks ago.  The manufacturer calls every day for feedback. I have no response, mainly because the coop is still in the box.  I guess they will keep calling until I am so embarrassed that I finally drop everything and put the darn coop together. 

That's how we roll in the Spencer house... 

City Farming Prize Package (2).png

On to business!

City Farming is OFFICIALLY in publication today.  Woot!

Like my chicken coop, perhaps you have not had time to look over your Advance Reader Copy and post a review.  

To show you how much I appreciate you taking the time to post a review during the busy holiday season, I've got a signed paperback copy of City Farming to give away to a lucky winner.   

Since you already have a proof copy of City Farming, I have bundled this prize with another little book that I wrote, Composting Made Easy.  To really sweeten the pot, I have added a Romaine Calm t-shirt and 4 vinyl decals.

Only 1 winner gets the prize package, but EVERYONE who enters will receive Composting Made Easy and the decals.

To get your hands on the prize bundle, all you need to do is enter your first name & email address.  Then click the links in the entry form I’ve got for you below.  

That will automatically enter you - and then take you to a review page for City Farming, where you can leave an honest review if you choose. You can also select to Tweet about City Farming instead.  

So: consider Tweeting or leaving a review on Amazon or at Click the links, and I'll enter your name into the prize draw. 

The reason I'm asking for reviews:

Reader reviews are the lifeblood of any author's career. For a humble typewriter-jockey like myself, getting reviews (especially on Amazon) means I can submit my books for advertising. 
Which means I can actually sell a few copies from time to time - which is always a nice bonus :) 

So every review means a lot to me - and I'd like to take the opportunity to give something back.  If you enter your name & email address and click the links below, I'll be able to track your name and make sure you're entered into the contest: 

Leaving a review is super easy: 

1) click the links in the entry form above 2) sign in to Amazon if prompted 3) select a star rating 4) write a few short words (or long words, I won't judge) 5) click the 'submit' button

If you have trouble leaving a review at Amazon, leave one at 5mbooks, instead (or simply share the Tweet.)

The winner will be chosen by PromoSimple at random on December 13, so if you'd like to get your hands on a free signed paperback, just click the link above before then. 

If your name is chosen for the prize, I'll also ask whether you'd like a personal message (God forbid a writer should actually make something up...hah) and I'll get your shipping details, etc. 

If you don't want to win a signed paperback copy, I'd still love it if you could take three minutes to let me know what you think of the book. 

And if you'd like me to send you a personal thank-you email, just reply to this address and let me know.  I'll personally thank everyone who leaves a review and lets me know - because you rock. 

Once again, thank you for your support - and enjoy what's left of the week! 

*Important Note: 

To be clear, you don't have to leave a positive review to enter the prize draw - nor do you need to leave a review at all. Just clicking the links will automatically enter you into the contest. 
Even if you think City Farming was an egregious offence to literature and you leave a -1,576* review, or if you decide not to leave a review at all, you'll still qualify (no purchase or further action is required). So please be truthful if you do decide to leave a review. 

If you want to check out Amazon's review policy, more info is available at

And if you have any questions, please feel free to reply to this email - I'll be keeping an eye on my inbox :) 

Launch Challenge Week 10

Kari and the book.jpg

Greetings, Launch Team!

City Farming will FINALLY be released next Wednesday, December 6th.  I got a few copies in the mail.  WOOT!

THIS is what I have been ANTICIPATING for almost 3 YEARS - and all I can think about is Christmas.  

I love creating memories and giving gifts.  This year, I suppose that many people in my circle will receive a copy of City Farming as one of their gifts from me. 

It may sound self-serving to give a book that I wrote. 

But, honestly, my purpose for City Farming was to help the people I care about to achieve their dreams (whether I know them personally, or not.)  

At Christmas time, more than ever, I am excited about sharing City Farming with the world. I don't want the gift does not go unnoticed or unopened.  In my imagination, I can see the lives that it will change and the urban farms that will come into existence.

This week, amidst the hustle and bustle of the season, will you point a friend towards City Farming?  By doing so, you may help them to create a better, brighter, healthier 2018 for themselves and for their families.

Here are a 2 ideas:

  • Take a photo or a screen shot of a page from City Farming that was interesting to you, and share it on social media or email it to a friend.
  • Share a 20% discount code, CF20, which is good at

Thank you, friends.  I love ya'!




Launch Challenge Week 9


This rodeo is getting off to a good start!

No confirmation yet that City Farming print books have been released.  That bronc is still in the chute. 


In more exciting news, we have gotten the cowboy nod for the Kindle version.  It's out of the gate and the clock is ticking to post early reviews.

Since you have an Advance Reviewer Copy (ARC) of the book, you can leave a review at

If you did not get your ARC, see Launch Challenge Week 7.

To post a review, go to the City Farming Kindle webpage.  Scroll down below the biography section.  Click on 'Write a customer review.' 

Leave an honest review.  A few sentences will do.  Or go toes out and write a couple of paragraphs.


What else can you do?  Share the Kindle version on social media.

Look below the book image to find the sharing icons. 

You can email, post to Facebook, Tweet, Pin or embed a link on a webpage.

There has been a steady increase in the number of people who are viewing and re-sharing your posts. Woot!  And that's just the ones that I can see.  If there isn't a link directly back to me, I don't see them.  But I know that they are out there in social-media-land, pushing us up the leaderboard.

BIG APPLAUSE TO YOU!  CITY FARMING is making a good showing in search results on Amazon, and it's not even in print yet.


If you want to see how the Kindle version looks on your device, download a sample. 

If you really want to boot the bull, you can buy the digital version for yourself or as a gift for a friend.  Christmas is coming!

I'll keep you posted on the release of the print version.  Any day now...

I may be floating with all these rodeo terms. Hopefully I have stayed on the horse long enough to get us to the next go round.  

Thanks for muggin' for me, team!  Yes, this IS my first rodeo, and I appreciate your support.

Here's the re-ride:

  • Go to and leave a review.
  • Share the Kindle version via email, social media and web pages.
  • Download a preview copy for your device (or get the full version.)


P.S. - If you are wondering about the rodeo terms, here's a translation:

Launch Challenge Week 8

Greetings, Launchers!

I have been remiss.  This post is coming late...or early, depending upon your perspective.  

Building a Wicking Bed with the Grow PHX PDC Students

Building a Wicking Bed with the Grow PHX PDC Students

Last week, I missed the end-of-week post that I usually write.  Here's why-

Within the last 10 days, I have spoken at a Home & Garden Show, taught 2 full days at the Grow PHX Permaculture Design Course, collated photos and footage from a wicking bed project, bought a chicken coop, collaborated with two experts to create classes on bee keeping and marketing for farmers, toured Flower Street Urban Gardens,  removed rocks from a patch of ground where I want to plant peas, picked up a bushel of apples, taught at the Arizona State Fair, and prepared two videos from footage taken at St. Vincent de Paul Urban Farm.

You can view the videos of my interviews with Tony Kasowski at the SVDP Urban Farm below. 

Please PIN and SHARE the videos.  Tony is one of the Featured Farmers in City Farming and the videos point back to

If you haven't gotten your reviewer copy of City Farming, see the Week 8 Challenge.

My daughter Emily filming Tony who is feeding Talapia in the aquaponic system

My daughter Emily filming Tony who is feeding Talapia in the aquaponic system

Behind-the-scenes, these videos were difficult to edit. 

The raw footage and audio files were taken in 2015, when I was new to video interviews.  I used a Go Pro camera without an external mic, so there is a lot of extraneous noise.  My husband and daughter did a lot of the filming.

I visited the farm in the summer, which is a down time for gardens in Phoenix.  It was extremely HOT and the farm was a bit bare.

Finally, once I had the footage, I was occupied by writing the book.  And I didn't have a good way to edit the files.  Long story short, I just completed the project.  Tony must be thinking, "About Time!"

Greg Peterson and I are hosting this year's GrowPHX Permaculture Design Course at the SVDP Urban Farm, which is very exciting!  I am taking updated video and will post an update soon (I promise not to take two years to get to it.)

Before I delete the raw audio file, I want to share it with you (in case you want to hear it all, including the boring parts!)  Near the end, Tony and I discuss some administrative stuff.  I forgot to turn off the recorder...Doh!

Suggested ways to spread the word about City Farming this week:

  • Post a photo of yourself reading City Farming, or post about something in the book that you liked.
  • Pin and Share the YouTube videos of Tony Kasowski.
  • Share the graphics that appear on the Epic City Farming Launch Team Facebook page. (I will have some new ones soon, thanks to Stevie Ann Petit.)

My deepest gratitude to you all for your kind encouragement, helpful input and generous sharing.  I am so thankful for you.


Launch Challenge Week 7


Great News!

I was able to get permission to share a limited number of preview copies of City Farming. Big thanks to Allessandro at 5m Publishing for making this possible.  If you would like to preview City Farming, click the button above to request a secure copy. 

Please do not share the link or password with anyone else.  It is for you only.

I mailed hard copies out to the first 20 people who signed up for the launch team.  Recipients should receive them in the next few days.

    My next announcement is that Amazon has posted the Kari Spencer author page.

    Check it out at 

    • Click 'Follow' under my photo.
    • Share the page on Facebook here.
    • Tweet about it here.

    And finally, the Kari Spencer YouTube channel is up and running.

    Last week, I asked for help narrowing my project focus.  Several of you recommended making more how-to videos.  I took your advice to heart, and created Tutorials by Kari Spencer and Quick Tips by Kari Spencer.

    Take a look here. 

    Please share one of the new videos on Pinterest, Facebook and/or Twitter.


    If you have a tutorial request, post it in the comments below.

    Thank you, team!  I appreciate you.  Have a GREAT weekend!


    Launch Challenge Week 6

    20171013_110044 question mark.jpg

    Helloooo, Team!  3 VERY IMPORTANT THINGS are happening this week. Hint:  Don't miss #3.

    But first, how was your week?  I hope it was great! Mine's been...well--

    HELP!  I'm sinking!

    Can you throw me a life raft?

    My brain is swirling with things to do and ideas.  Your input has been really valuable.

    The book launch process has stirred up a lot of creativity, which is GREAT! I started implementing some ideas anda handful of projects.  Things were going along swimmingly, and then....

    Houston, we have a problem.

    This week, I looked at my TO-DO list and schedule and realized that I am way over my head!

    And I can't see the forest for the trees. Have you ever been there?

    Sometimes, it is really helpful to bounce ideas off of others.  

    Thus, the FIRST VERY IMPORTANT THING is to help me prioritize.

    Which of these do you think is most valuable to HELP PEOPLE while also CREATING AWARENESS OF CITY FARMING?

    • Quick tutorials on the YouTube channel that point back to City Farming.
    • Free online or email course on Container Gardening taken partially from content in City Farming.
    • Free online or email course on 5 Keys to Starting a Garden.
    • Sequel to City Farming or a course that walks people step-by-step through the process of designing a garden or urban farm.
    • Sequel to City Farming or course that helps backyard farmers to earn a profit from the products that they grow or create.
    • OTHER.  What the heck am I missing?  What should I be doing that is obvious to you, but obviously not obvious to me?

    Do any of these resonate with you?  Really quickly, off the top of your head, post me a note in the COMMENTS.

    The second VERY IMPORTANT THING is the Week 6 Challenge.

    Please share one or both of the following:

    Share the City Farming promo video with some sort of personal blurb, such as "Check out the book my friend Kari Spencer wrote and get her urban farming tips at" or "Can't wait for this book! Check it out at"  The YouTube link is

    Share "The People of City Farming" on social media, on a web page or in a blog post.  You can preface by saying something like "Meet my friends the Spencers and check out their amazing urban farm" or "Have you been dreaming of growing your own food?  Here's what one family created in their backyard."

    And now, the third VERY IMPORTANT THING!


    You all have been waiting patiently for Advance Reader Copies (ARCs) of City Farming.  I am INCREDIBLY EXCITED to announce that I have them in hand and will be mailing them out to the first 20 Launch Team members next week.  You will get an email from me if you are getting a physical copy so that you can be on the lookout.

    It pains me that I only have 20 physical copies to mail. I AM WORKING WITH THE PUBLISHER TO GET DIGITAL COPIES FOR EVERYONE ON THE TEAM.  The publisher is fussy about the intellectual property (which I totally understand.) So digital copies must be delivered securely and only in part (meaning I can't just email you a link to the entire book.)

    I have been updating the 5m marketing team and extolling your praises, so I am confident that we will make digital copies happen asap!



    Way to go, team!  You ROCK! 

    To recap, help me narrow down ideas, share the video or the PDF, and be on the lookout for ARCs.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


    P.S. Don't forget to leave me a comment below.  Gracias!


    Launch Challenge Week 5

    Are you  #hungry  for change and to get back in touch with  #nature ? Start with your  #food !   #cityfarming

    Are you #hungry for change and to get back in touch with #nature? Start with your #food #cityfarming

    Hello, Outstanding Team!

    The photo to the left is the image of the week to share.  Thanks and more thanks!  Woot!

    I have had a stellar week.  First, I FINALLY got a handle on how to edit video.  This was an ongoing frustration.  Editing software is overwhelming to me, and so is the cost to have someone else edit for me. A few days ago, I tested Adobe Premiere Pro, and voila!  I created a decent video. 

    It is posted HERE.  Please Pin and share the page.

    Second, traction for our marketing efforts is taking hold.  Buzz is definitely building.  Example:  yesterday my publicist and I were contacted by Green Living Magazine by a writer who heard about City Farming and wants an interview.

    Third, I was invited to read from City Farming at the Books Take You Higher Gala next weekend.

    Am I excited? You bet.
    Am I scared? Terrified actually.

    Let me share something with ya…

    I’m scared because it’s one thing to be working on things behind the curtain like a mad scientist and it’s another to show your new brainchild to the world and wonder if they’ll like it or not.

    Change is all around us and whether we realize it or not, we see it everyday in life and business.

    Heck, just a little more than a decade ago I was an Ebay Powerseller.  Ironically, I had chosen to be a stay-at-home mom so I could nurture my precious children, only to feed them a diet of fast food and television so that I could work on a computer for hours a day.

    Fast forward to today...

    I'm launching a book into the world that tells our transformation story from fast-food addicted cave dwellers to home-grown food fanatics AND that will teach others how to reach their own urban farming potential. 

    PLUS, I am about to launch videos, including live steams.  Video adds a whole new layer of vulnerability, but I am determined to do it because I believe it is the BEST way to help others to achieve success.

    Today, I embrace the fear of change and excitement of showing up to help others build their urban farms in a new way.

    Thank you for joining me on this journey and being so supportive!  You guys give me courage.


    PS: You may have noticed that my post is a little bit dramatic.  I am working on creating more engaging content. Thanks for letting me practice my writing skills on you. 

    Launch Challenge Week 4

    Tomorrow (Sept 30,) we are exactly 2 months out from the official City Farming publication date. Woo-Hoo!

    Since we launched the launch,  you have been instrumental in building the City Farming audience.  If we think of the audience as a garden, we have been planting seeds.  Thanks to all of you, thousands of people have seen our Facebook posts, Twitter tweets and Pinterest pins.

    As a result, the City Farming audience has grown.

    For example, here are some stats from my Facebook pages.  This month, followers increased 44% and page views are up a whopping 262%.

    Like a gardener, I am ecstatic that the seeds are growing, and am committed to nurturing the growth.

    This commitment is FIRST to YOU, as valuable members of an incredible team.  Many of you are urban farmers and gardeners.  And so, this is my MISSION for OCTOBER:

    To provide you with highly valuable resources that you can use and that you can naturally share with others to help them become the urban farmers and gardeners that they want to be.

    I took a look at your queries and topic suggestions.  I also searched farm & garden groups on Facebook to discover the most commonly asked questions. Then, I matched the questions with links to resources to solve them.  The City Farming Guide below shows both the questions and the resource links.

    Week 4 Challenge:

    1.  Download the guide (or view it online.)  Familiarize yourself with the content by clicking a few of the links.

    2.  Share any of the links that are of interest to you.  You can pin them, post them or tweet them using the hashtag #cityfarming and #micro_farm.  Include a personal blurb about how the link is helpful or what you like about it.

    3.  If you follow a garden group on Facebook, look for some of these questions to come up in the feed.  When they do, you can share these resources by replying to the questions with something like this: "Here is a helpful article/tip sheet/blog post by Kari Spencer that you may find helpful."  Then post the link.

    4.  If you are a blogger, re-blog any of my content, providing a link back to the article or resource.  Then, let me know so I can share your blog post on my channels.

    Thank you, once again, for your support!

    If you have any questions about the book or the launch, please email me at and I'll get back with you. There might be a slight delay as I am out of the office more than I am in the office lately.  I promise that you are important and I will get back to you.

    Launch Challenge Week 3

    From planting to plating - the secrets to  #cityfarming  are here

    From planting to plating - the secrets to #cityfarming are here

    Worth the wait!  Here are the Week 3 challenges.  You all were fabulous last week.  Thanks for sharing posts and for giving me lots of feedback/suggestions in the FB group.

    During Week 3, please share this image on your social media accounts.  You can save and share the image with your own text, or use the entry form below.

    There are more entry types this week.  I added a Tweet about The Great American Seed Up where I will have a booth for City Farming.  

    If anyone wants to come out and help man the booth, I would appreciate the assistance!  And you would  be able to attend the event for free.  Dates and details are at

    Giveaway Tool entries include the following:

    • Pin the image on Pinterest (using the Giveaway Tool)
    • Pin a page from to Pinterest (I want to start familiarizing people with the website, which is full of helpful articles.)
    • Tweet a message with the image embedded.
    • Tweet a message about The Great American Seed Up, where I will have a City Farming booth.
    • Post on the City Farming Bulletin Board.   You can ask a farm/garden question, post an event, brag about your own garden/farm or related business, or share a garden tip. 
    • Share images posted on the Epic City Farming Book Launch Team page to your own Facebook page or group. (I made the group public to facilitate easy Facebook sharing)
    • Share Garden Now!  4 Ways to Start Growing Food Today E-book on Twitter
    • Or create your own way to share!

    Use the Giveaway Tool below to share.

    If you want to share the image directly from a webpage, it appears on

    Launch Challenge Week 2

    You all were amazing during Launch the Launch Week 1.  I so appreciate all of your shares, interactions, comments and suggestions.  They mean a lot to me!

    During Week 2, please share this image on your social media accounts.  You can save and share the image with your own text, or use the entry form below.

    Entries include the following:

    • Pin the image on Pinterest (using the Giveaway Tool)
    • Tweet a message with the image embedded
    • Post on the City Farming Bulletin Board.   You can ask a farm/garden question, post an event, brag about your own garden/farm or related business, or share a garden tip.
    • Share images posted on the Epic City Farming Book Launch Team page to your own Facebook page or group. (I made the group public to facilitate easy Facebook sharing)
    • Share the Quick & Easy Compost E-book on Twitter
    • Or create your own way to share!

    Use the Giveaway Tool below to share.

    I removed the blue share icons.  Last week these did not work well.  If you want to share the image directly from a webpage, it appears on