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Permaculture: The Elastic Pants of Gardening

There are many gardening techniques that promise to make it easier, but all they do is loosen the belt a bit while you are still wearing the snug pants.  Fortunately, there is another way to grow food, the Permaculture way.  Or, as I have come to view it, the elastic waist pants of gardening. 

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How to Make Apple Wine | The Value of Connecting with Other Growers

When growers band together, sharing skills, products and resources, two wonderful things occur.  First, no one must produce everything they need.  One person can grow potatoes, another carrots, and another onions.  If a soap maker joins the party, together they can boil a pot of vegetable soup and wash the dishes afterwards. As in the folk tale Stone Soup, when everyone shares just a little of what they have, everyone eats better. 

The second wonderful result of embracing interdependence is social.  Sharing requires interaction and invites relationship. 

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