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“Chicken Soup for the Soil” and Other Things Compost Nerds Think


Do you have inner thoughts about gardening that you don’t share at cocktail parties? I do, especially about compost, which is my secret fascination. How could I not be ecstatic about a FREE soil amendment that turns the dead dirt in my yard into a thriving system that nurtures my garden plants so I don’t have to?

I am really into composting, especially the science of it.  The work of Dr. Elaine Ingham opened my eyes to exotic underground world of soil and composting.  Her website introduced me to words and concepts that I had not come across in any other field of study. 


My inner nerd was activated.   Also, I discovered that there are a lot of people like me who love this stuff.   If composting is new to you, prepare to be amazed.  Here is a free intro to composting:

In my opinion, composting and soil building can save the world.  I am happy to be a compost spokesman.  But in some social circles, I want to keep the garden geek in me under wraps.  This can cause a disconnect between what I think and what I actually say in public.  Here are a few examples.

The disconnect happens in my front yard garden...

It happens at restaurants...

And picking up the mail...

Unless I am talking to a gardener, farmer or permaculturalist, I have found that short answers are best. 

But occasionally, I enjoy sharing a little bit more information with a newcomer, especially if the listener truly seems interested.  Like this…

Even though I don’t always reveal my thoughts about soil, the truth is, I am passionate about sharing the wonders of gardening and composting with others. 

Although I LOVE the big words and the science of soil building, I don’t want the actual process to be complicated.  So I came up with a very simple composting process and created an e-book to share it with others.   I call it the B.I.T.S Method, and it is the easiest way I know to make compost (other than letting my chickens do it, which is a another post for another day.)

You can download it for free here.  Let me know if you like it in the comments below.  Happy Composting!